Julie & Julia (2009) film commentary by Nora Ephron

I went to the library to pick up the wonderful film Julie & Julia (2009) again so that I can watch and listen to the film commentary by Nora Ephron (who sadly passed away last year on June 26, 2012). I noticed some of the commentaries quite interesting and I found  someone (his name is Lawrence) has already transcribed some of Nora‘s wonderful commentary (from part one all the way to part eleven (with links to all eleven parts)) in roughly 10 minutes chucks. Incidentally, I found Lawrence’s commentary quite harsh (and rude) at many places for my taste.

Let me quote this particular insightful commentary by Nora from part eleven,

I first heard of Julie Powell, in fact when I read this article in the Times. I went and read her blog, which is completely charming and fraught with the energy and the hysteria of this project. She’s a very funny writer and… and it crossed my mind that it might make a movie and then I just couldn’t see how you did it—it wasn’t until I heard the idea… which belonged to Amy Robinson, one of the producers, of combining these two stories, then I saw… I saw that you could make a movie out of this.

But in fact, that article changed Julie Powell’s life and… she was flooded with offers.

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