#GameOfThrones series finale was aweful (Veep, Big Bang Theory, Sopranos ended things much better!)

Major Spoilers Warning!

20190521 Dragon can understand symbolism now?

Game Of Thrones TV series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss (D&D) for HBO was well loved by millions (me included) for 7 seasons. Sadly the show fell apart on its final season 8 with the series finale (s8.6) being an epic cluster beep!

How bad was GoT series finale (s8.6)? We went grocery shopping, ate dinner while watching other TV shows before we actually watched the finale at 11pm EST (2 hours after the show started) before we just had no expectation left. And the finale did turn out to be a #ShitShow in my eyes. A cancelled S8 would have been better for fans. 

Just as comparisons, Veep and The Big Bang Theory also had their series finales and they generally garnered praises! Witness:

IndieWire, 13 May, 2019 “‘Veep’ Review: The Series Finale Is a Terrific Ending America Better Hope Doesn’t Come True
IndieWire, 17 May, 2019, “‘The Big Bang Theory’ Review: Series Finale Delivers an Ending True To Itself

From Vice, “‘Game of Thrones’ Ended in the Worst Way Possible In ‘The Iron Throne,’ the final episode of ‘Game of Thrones,’ nearly every decision was the wrong one.

Inexplicably, Bran is King

It’s hard to justify this one. GoT has a penchant for twists and all that—this is Benioff and Weiss material after all—but only the Three-eyed Raven saw this one coming. We’re supposed to believe that it would only take a well-placed suggestion by Tyrion, man who all parties distrust, to suddenly place Bran as the best choice to rule? We’re supposed to buy that a series that spent entire seasons reveling in political tug-of-wars and in-fighting about governance, just determined it all from Tyrion’s elevator pitch about folks with the best stories?

Even if you forgive all of this, there is nothing gratifying about Bran’s story. For the entirety of season five, he played hooky as a visible player. In season six, he was that Westeros guy nibbling on psychedelic weirwood bark, mumbling endlessly about being “the Three-Eyed Raven” and not “wanting” anything. And now that the Night King is defeated, this series has done nothing to lay the groundwork for the new leader, Bran the Broken, who’s apparently ready and willing to take the throne.

So it’s the ultimate finesse: that Bran who truly knew of the past, present, and future, spent whole seasons silently staring down other characters, with the knowledge that he was destined to be king. Forget the thousands burned by a dragon. Forget the countless innocents who could have been saved from his foresight. Self-servingly, Bran knew this would happen all along. That doesn’t feel right.

Daenerys deserved more

After a heated conversation with Tyrion—because he’s what passes for reason in this episode—a battered Jon Snow confronts aunty Daenerys about her roast of King’s Landing. One thing leads to another, and Jon hugs Dany, proclaiming her his queen before kissing her. Then he kills her.

It is so cold and out of character for a protagonist known as being stupidly loyal and honourable to side-step Dany’s advances for three episodes, only to slide his tongue down her throat as he stabs her. It took her mad queen transformation one episode to reach an extreme, and this kill had the same energy. It was the cheapest and quickest way to rid Thrones of a huge problem it wrote into existence, regardless of believability. […]

Drogon can understand symbolism now?

What’s Drogon’s deal? In one episode, he can’t take on a fleet of ships led by a deranged pirate. In the very next one, he not only destroys those ships, but takes down King’s Landing, too. And now, when he finds his mother dead by Jon’s hands, he reacts by melting down the Iron Throne with unrelenting fire. It’s a little too on the nose.

Dragons were once thought to be unstoppable weapons, but in the show’s final season their abilities were inconsistent. An indestructible weapon would pose issues from a storytelling perspective, so the thought of a dragon being important enough to kill a certain god-tier character wouldn’t exactly work. But it’s hard not to wonder why Drogon didn’t turn his wrath toward Jon Snow, who just knifed his mother. Instead, the dragon turned the Iron Throne to lava, destroying a symbol that has caused plenty of destruction of its own. Satisfying? Yes. Cheesy? Very.”

This VOX article has made some good points that are fairly close to how I feel. [HT Yvonne] “The Game of Thrones finale had a chance to break the wheel. It upheld the status quo. – The long-awaited series finale, “The Iron Throne,” proves Game of Thrones was never interested in breaking cycles of power.

“//To their credit, Bran and his new Hand Tyrion did establish a ruling small council full of trusted advisors, some seasoned and some not-so-seasoned. Given that Bran has never been one to trust others’ advice over the catalogue of information in his own head, however, it’s not clear if the council will serve any effective purpose. Not to mention that Bran has basically become the Westerosi equivalent of an internet addict who spends all his time surfing Wikipedia and playing video games. He barely seems interested in real people these days, much less in the human race beyond the abstract, and in fact spent his first official council meeting leaving Tyrion to rule while he went warging in search of a dragon, so I’m sure that will work out well! […]
But this ending hardly justifies the blatant sexism and often misogynistic treatment of women over Game of Thrones’ long and often controversial run. The women of Westeros have been portrayed as fully active and engaged in directing their own survival and the survival of their houses, often while also making serious plays for the throne. It’s arguably been the women, far more than most of Game of Thrones’ male characters, whose choices have driven the show’s narrative. (And often, it’s been the failure of the men to listen to the women around them that has led to the most glaring plot wrinkles. Thinking of you, Catelyn Stark!)
But in its last two seasons, Game of Thrones killed off nearly all of its most active and powerful women: Olenna Tyrell, Ellaria Sand, Lyanna Mormont, Melisandre, Cersei Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen. As hard as it’s been to say goodbye to all of these fascinating characters, losing them would have been less bitter had their storylines not furthered a regressive narrative. After all these women fought for — for survival, for conquest, for power, to save humanity, and/or for a better world — they all died so that Game of Thrones could ultimately establish a council of mostly white dudes sitting in rulership over Westeros.//”

HKer poster 向西村上春樹 has this long and fowl languages filled post in Chinese,  [劇透慎入] 電視史上最黑暗的一個月

“龍老母直頭係一個被編劇徹底強姦o既角色,第三集仲係救世主,隔咗一集,經歷一堆強行要佢黑化o既劇情,結果黑化理由仍然唔充份,但第五集就要化身成天火屠城o既Mad Queen,再過一集,一統Westeros可能只係二十分鐘,講咗兩段對白,再加一場同Jon o既對手戲,就趕住被人一刀桶死。呢種角色心情既急速轉變,我只係响一套戲見過,就係喜劇之王,導演叫周星馳示範喺醫院等老婆生仔嗰種表情個場戲:「個仔出世,老婆死咗,個仔識叫爸爸,天才呀,條啫生喺個頭度,畸形架。」難怪Emilia Clarke話接到劇本後,自己一個人响倫敦戇鳩鳩行咗兩個鐘,如果佢唔去多人o既地方,睇唔開去自殺好合理。”

I kept thinking about series finale of The Sopranos by David Chase. Worth thinking about Sopranos‘ master piece of a controversial finale while we have the shitshow of a finale thanks to D&D.

Jan 11, 2019 “What The Hell Was That? The Sopranos 20 Years Later | NYT

By the way, I was at Banff when Carol Mendelsohn (veteran executive producer & showrunner of CSI Franchises) came to talk about her shows. And she was asked about her own feeling of The Sopranos’ controversial ending.

There are many “ending explained” videos on the net, I quite like The Sopranos: Ending Explained as it was well crafted and got a few other showrunners to talk about their views.


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